Featherweight Compact Folding White/Rose Gold Dryer

Featherweight Compact Folding White/Rose Gold Dryer


A mini dryer with maxi punch for on-the-go styling and convenient storage in small spaces. Infused with T3 Tourmaline SoftAire™ technology, it emits an expansive volume of ion-enriched air to rapidly dry large sections of hair. Tourmaline-generated ions also seal the cuticle to lock in moisture, enhance shine and diminish frizz. The small frame, folding handle and ultra-light body render it ideal for travel or for maintaining clutter-free environments.

  • Promotes healthy, high-speed drying

  • Reduces frizz, enhances body

  • Scratch resistant surface

  • Full-sized handle folds for travel or easy storage

  • Two speed/heat settings

  • Cool shot button sets the look for a beautiful finish

  • Dual voltage: 125/250 V

  • Wattage: 1200 W

  • Includes storage tote

  • Compatible with SoftTouch Compact diffuser

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Which hair type is it good for?

  • Straight
  • Wavy
  • Curly
  • Coiled
  • Tightly Coiled

What it is: A speed-styling wonder that packs all the features of a full-size dryer in an ultralight body to make blow drying a breeze.

Key benefits:

  • Quickly dry large hair sections
  • Generates high volume of air at soft speed
  • Negative ions neutralize static and boost shine

What it does: The unique folding handle helps eliminate space-waste, making this petite-yet-powerful dryer ideal for storage in small places or styling on the go. Designed with advanced airflow technology, T3 Tourmaline® SoftAire® emits enriched air to dry large sections of hair quickly and gently while helping neutralize static, retain moisture, diffuse frizz, and boost shine. Dry hair fast and keep it healthy anytime, anywhere with two speeds and heat settings, a cool shot, and dual voltage.

Other features include: -Compact concentrator -Scratch-resistant surface; -Travel tote -Nine-foot cord with cord wrap -Dual Voltage (125/250V)

+How to Use

-For a smooth and shiny blowout, fast: first wrap hair with a microfiber towel to remove excess water. -Remove towel, choose your selected heat and airspeed, and rough dry hair until it is 80 percent dry. -Part hair into six to eight sections. -For a smooth finish and flipped under ends, use a large barrel brush and place it under the first section. -Aim the dryer downward and follow the brush as you pull it down to the ends. -Roll brush back up to head once or twice, making sure the dryer is always following the brush. -After hair is fully dry and styled, slide the power switch to the cool position and blow cool air over your entire head to lock in the look.